Fluorine lined pneumatic diaphragm pump

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Fluorine lined pneumatic diaphragm pump

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Fluorine lined pneumatic diaphragm pump

Fluorine lined pneumatic diaphragm pump is a kind of product with high application rate in real life. It can be used in various environments, and can be applied to any acid-base and organic solvent. It has a wide range of applications. The pump body structure is very beautiful, with certain physical resistance and durability. It can be recycled for various corrosive liquid particles and high viscosity and volatile liquid. For example, slurry glue, oil tank bottom oil and ceramic glaze slurry can be used for photometry, and there will be no dripping phenomenon. It is a relatively new product in China which mainly uses compressed air. This equipment is durable, has good trafficability, and can pass through channels with maximum particle diameter up to 10 mm. In addition, it can be used in pumping mud method When, the wear rate of itself is very small.

It can transport viscous liquid without electricity. It can be used safely in inflammable and explosive places. In addition, its head flow can be adjusted steplessly through the valve opening. It can be adjusted according to our actual situation. It is very convenient to use and reliable. When opening and closing the gas valve, you just need to simply open and close the gas valve, even if the accident will not damage its internal, once the overload of the diaphragm pump will automatically stop running, so it has the performance and advantages of self-protection, when the current is working normally, it will also start automatically, and will not cause any injury to our human body We have a good medium protection, which can protect people from corrosion. It is suitable for all kinds of acid-base medium. It can absorb all kinds of sewage, cement and other substances. It can also absorb all kinds of strong acid and alkali liquid. The usage is very good. The maximum temperature can reach 150 ℃.

Fluorine lined pneumatic diaphragm pump brings more convenience to the contemporary life. It is frequently used in various construction industries, petrochemical industry and chemical industry. The overall application strength is quite high. The overall strength is very good. Before using this kind of equipment, we must check the equipment to ensure that all parts of the connection are relatively intact without any damage To achieve its maximum value.

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